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    Zoom, zoom, zoom

    by Barbara Linkin Mendel  |  03.01.10
    The Shell Eco-marathon is making a move to Houston and will be at Discovery Green March 26-28.The next time someone starts bragging about the amazing mileage their new hybrid has ...


    Small steps, big impact

    by Barbara Linkin Mendel  |  06.01.11
    Jim Petersen is passionate about two things – art and downtown Houston. And it shows in the sleek urban home (and art showcase) that he’s created out of near rubble ...


    Nothing Wasted

    by Barbara Linkin Mendel  |  06.01.11
    Mention Waste Management and many likely think of the ubiquitous green and gold trucks that rumble through Houston’s neighborhood picking up their weekly refuse. But the downtown corporation is much ...



    by Barbara Linkin Mendel  |  12.01.11
    When celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez set about creating a menu for the new Crossroads at House of Blues he made sure he incorporated global flavors into classic American dishes while ...

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