The Downtown District's Planning, Capital Projects & Construction team concentrates on long range planning, short-term improvement projects and coordination with government agencies and private entities on projects affecting the future of downtown. The PCPC team has helped transform over 67% of all block faces in downtown.

Planning Work

Plan Downtown: Converging Culture, Lifestyle & Commerce, 2017 [pdf]

Southern Downtown Public Realm Plan [pdf]

GRBCC 2025 Master Plan [pdf]

Downtown/EaDo Livable Centers Study (pdf, 34 mb)

Downtown Mixed-Use Retail Core Plan [pdf]

ULI Technical Assistance Panel Report: Downtown's Convention District [pdf]

Southern Downtown Market Assessment [pdf]


Downtown Framework

Downtown Framework Cover [pdf]
Downtown Framework pgs 1-18 [pdf]
Downtown Framework pgs 19-36 [pdf]


Downtown Development Map [pdf]
Downtown Development Project List [pdf]

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