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Safe Passage

by Sandra Cook | 03.02.15
Downtown Houston drivers and bike riders are about to enter a new dimension in sharing the road. This spring, a humble parking lane on Lamar Street will be converted into ...

Bridging the Bayou

by Sandra Cook | 06.01.15
Buffalo Bayou is the ultimate symbol of Houston. Spanning some 53 miles across the vast Houston area – from Katy to the Ship Channel – the bayou has had its ...

Dramatic Difference

by Sandra Cook | 12.01.15
For theater patrons and downtowners alike, the Alley Theatre’s recent $46.5 million building renovation offers much more to audiences than any series of before-and-after photos can convey. Beyond the easy-to-spot ...

Mayor Turner’s Vision: Connect Houstonians to their entire city

by Sandra Cook | 06.01.16
Since taking office in January, Mayor Sylvester Turner has shown he is committed to moving Houston forward, both on the roads and as a city of the future, making bold ...

Keeping Score: Capitalizing on Super Bowl LI

by Sandra Cook | 12.01.16
By now you have heard a certain football game is coming to town. Hosting the Super Bowl LI means so much more than a big party Downtown, a bunch of ...

The Future of the Workplace

by Sandra Cook | 09.01.17
For the past century, communication and the means by which we communicate have shaped how we work together and the places where people work. From telegraphs to telephones, typewriters to ...

The Power of 10

by Sandra Cook | 03.02.18
Without a doubt, Discovery Green has set a new standard for parks in our city. It has become such a rich and vibrant part of Houston’s culture that today it’s ...

2018, A Year In Review

by Sandra Cook | 12.01.18
You might call it “quality of lifestyle.” Downtown’s transition from a purely commercial real estate-driven skyscraper chessboard into a multi-hued mosaic of urban life is undeniable. Restaurants, retail, public art, ...
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