Downtown Home & Lifestyle Tour 2020
Sat Aug. 15 2020   10 a.m. ‐ 5 p.m.
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene
214 Travis

Join us for an insider's view of luxury apartments, condos and the Downtown lifestyle. Buying or renting, historic or contemporary - whatever you're deciding, Downtown is the right spot. Explore from seven unique properties including:

Bayou Lofts

Commerce Towers

Camden Downtown

Franklin Lofts

Kirby Lofts on Main

St. Germain Lofts & Condos

The Star

Check-in at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene (in the historic W.L. Foley Building) where you can speak to experts and learn about downtown's quality of lifestyle.


The Downtown District thanks our partners:

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene
Phoenicia Specialty Foods
One Market Square Garage



Ticket Info

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston.

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