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Dance, Virtual
In Good Company
Thu April 08 2021   7 p.m.

Welcome to In Good Company, a series of dance films set to music by The Dead South. These works are a celebration of life — of dancing, singing, talking and laughing with family and friends — celebrating the connection to community. With weekly digital releases, we hope you will follow the journey as we continue to dive into the exceptional folk music by The Dead South and explore the intricate pas de deux between dancers and the camera as we capture dance on film. 


Thu. May. 13: 7 p
Fri. May. 14: 7 p
Sat. May. 15: 7 p
Sun. May. 16: 7 p
Mon. May. 17: 7 p
Tue. May. 18: 7 p
Wed. May. 19: 7 p
Thu. May. 20: 7 p
Fri. May. 21: 7 p
Sat. May. 22: 7 p
Sun. May. 23: 7 p
Mon. May. 24: 7 p
Tue. May. 25: 7 p
Wed. May. 26: 7 p
Thu. May. 27: 7 p
Fri. May. 28: 7 p
Sat. May. 29: 7 p
Sun. May. 30: 7 p
Mon. May. 31: 7 p

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