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Lunar New Year / Lantern Festival & Night Market
Sat Feb. 04 2023   10 a.m. ‐ 11 p.m.

A Wildly Popular Lunar New Year Festival Now at POST Houston (@posthtx)
Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year is a major holiday celebrated by all Asian countries. It brings community together and supports local businesses. It marks a new year with a new lunar cycle. Many vendors often create special menus items to celebrate the full moon.
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival happens on the first full moon of the lunar cycle. By Asian tradition, it is celebrated by lighting up a lantern and stepping outside to congratulate your community on starting a new year.
Why Night Market
Night market is an excellent way for supporting local businesses. The vendors often create special menus for the events. Our vendors often use exotic ingredients in small portions making them accessible to everyone. Additionally, they would use novel culinary techniques, such as molecular gastronomy, highlight these ingredients.
Free Entry
$25 Lantern Package
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