Segway Tours of Houston
Tue April 30 2019

Like the rest of Texas, Downtown Houston is a pretty big place to walk around. There are a lot of things to see up close and from a distance. Experience the Bayou City, once the capitol city of a sovereign country, from a talking perspective within a few hours while you have effortless fun on a segway.

Meet at 901 Commerce, behind the Spaghetti Warehouse building in the bottom of the large parking lot.

10 am, noon, 2 pm, 4 pm & 6 pm.  



Thu. Apr. 18:
Fri. Apr. 19:
Sat. Apr. 20:
Sun. Apr. 21:
Mon. Apr. 22:
Tue. Apr. 23:
Wed. Apr. 24:
Thu. Apr. 25:
Fri. Apr. 26:
Sat. Apr. 27:
Sun. Apr. 28:
Mon. Apr. 29:
Tue. Apr. 30:
Wed. May. 01:
Thu. May. 02:
Fri. May. 03:
Sat. May. 04:
Sun. May. 05:
Mon. May. 06:

Ticket Info

$49 per person. Purchase here

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