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Sound Scripts: Kheeper
Thu Dec. 03 2020

Join Rec Room for an innovative approach to live theatre with their new project, Sound Scripts — a 9-part audio series of works in-progress from Texas writers. Featuring playwrights of the Rec Room Writers Group, the series presents an exclusive look into the early development of 9 new plays brought to you as interactive digital portfolios and podcasts. The Sound Scripts Project includes each play as a rehearsed audio reading, as well as playwright and director interviews. 

Don't miss Kheeper written by Ki Connors.
Kay and Eileen are two nurses in their mid to late 50s, and best friends for the longest time. They are setting out on the Santiago de Compostela  pilgrimage, hoping to walk sweat free across Northern Spain in the boiling heat. They are  hiking for companionship and laughter, and access to Spirituality on this break from Roman Catholic Ireland. But of course with all that is Spirit, movement comes in many ways, some invoked. Some warranted. 

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