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Sound Scripts: You Can Tell A Tree By Its Fruit
Mon Nov. 09 2020

Join Rec Room for an innovative approach to live theatre with their new project, Sound Scripts — a 9-part audio series of works in-progress from Texas writers. Featuring playwrights of the Rec Room Writers Group, the series presents an exclusive look into the early development of 9 new plays brought to you as interactive digital portfolios and podcasts. The Sound Scripts Project includes each play as a rehearsed audio reading, as well as playwright and director interviews. 

Don't miss You Can Tell A Tree By Its Fruit written by Comfort Ifeoma Katchy.
Outside Old Southern Baptist Church, 
where the ground is fertile 
and the children are listening
A man was lynched yesterday
And even still the free ones play
They weren’t taught to sing ‘n mourn
Unless it’s their family’s blood being torn
Will the kids look to do what’s right
Or continue walking with no sight
What can anybody say
When it’s always been this way. 
One day we’ll know for sure
When the Truth is given pure
With all eyes on 
the Most High
‘Glory’ they will sing
For a new day, 
He will surely bring.

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