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800 Bell

800 Bell was built in 1962 as the headquarters of Humble Oil & Refining Company, a predecessor to ExxonMobil.  At the time it was built, 800 Bell was considered very modern and fashionable and it was the tallest building in the western United States.  Shorenstein purchased the property in January 2013 and plans to extensively redevelop the property after ExxonMobil’s departure in 2015.  Once redeveloped, the new design will include floor-to-ceiling windows, 9-foot ceilings, widened floor plates, a three-floor expansion of the existing parking garage, a 12,000-square-foot fitness center, a food service area, a outdoor courtyard, a conference center and a connection to the underground tunnel system.  Additionally,  the new curtain wall will create an architecturally distinctive and entirely modern exterior identity for the tower.



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