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WindowWorks: Dee Jon
1313 Main
Houston, TX 77002
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Feels Like Summer embodies the feeling of summertime in Houston. The summer heat that brings along with it laughter, gatherings amongst friends and family and the sound of music radiating from cars that pass along the streets. Summers in Houston bring the feeling of warmth as the sun hugs your skin and our unique culture fills our hearts. In creating the piece, the artists wanted to describe this feeling of electricity through colors, bold patterns and strong lines.

A BIG thank you goes to Midway for allowing us to utilize the windows of their property at 1313 Main [GreenStreet]. 

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Dee Jon
is collaborative duo by Dandee Warhol & Marjon F. Aucoin. Marjon is a classically trained fine artist whose work depicts life-like subjects in enchanted surroundings. Across her paintings, you’ll find elements embedded that hint at fantasy: a twinkling star, an entwining, mysterious forest or creatures that play as friends and foe. Dandee is a self-taught artist who prioritizes the bold, graphic use of color in meticulously designed geometrical patterns. Dandee is also an established curator in Houston, who helped lay the foundation for the thriving local art scene even by organizing exhibits and fostering community among creatives. The two met in 2010 when Dandee curated an all-female artist show that featured Marjon.

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