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You’ll Never Be Rich is a survey and self-analysis, focusing on the artist's perspective of money. Peso Zapata's recent works have involved laser printed currency [Pesos] and the piece represents the two conflicting messages society presents about money. First, money is crucial. Second, wealth comes with its own set of problems. This teaches us not to be jealous of the wealthy, but to see the constraints that can come with the surplus. You'll Never Be Rich plays with the idea that money can’t buy happiness, but the lack of it may bring stress and anger. We know money is needed and the question is how much?

A BIG thank you goes to Lewis Marks and Laura Lopez for allowing us to utilize the windows of their property at 917 Franklin.

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Alex "Peso" Zapata
 is a self-taught, Houston-based multi-disciplinary artist from Stockton, California. Alex uses his collective growing knowledge of both his Mexican and American heritage to drive the creativity of his content. Alex's work is based on his feelings of growing up as an American born Latino and experiencing life as a man in today’s society. He works hard to challenge boundaries between mediums and techniques, merging painting and photography, combining handmade and readymade or mass-produced elements, and bringing together objects, images, and sometimes text to make new meaning. Alex's work materializes in an interdisciplinary arts practice ranging from drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

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