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Sidewalk Cinema: Color Play
Photo: Morris Malakoff
No Longer on View

Sidewalk Cinema is an installation of contemporary video works. The first installment, Color Play, is a 40-minute reel of six video works by four female video artists who use color in playful and sometimes unexpected ways, often expressed through nostalgia and found objects. The video installation will play on alternating loops in windows facing Main Street and Dallas Street.

Featured artists include:

-Ohio-based multidisciplinary artist Kasumi, who utilizes found imagery for The Nostalgia Factory (2015), a video collage of colorized scraps of mid-20th-century mass media.

-Thai-Australian video artist, Kawita Vatanajyankur, who juxtaposes stages physical experiences against bright washes of color in a series of powerful works that examine the role of women in labor. Featured in Color Play are three 3-minute videos: The Robes (2014), The Scale (2015) and The Scale of Justice (2016).

-Jodie Mack, an experimental animator based in New Hampshire, who also draws on found objects to create a montage of pattern in Blanket Statement (2012).

-Houston-based artist Emily Peacock, who turns her lens on vintage childhood toys for the film You Take Your Time (2016).

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