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Brilliant Tapestry is inspired by the unique diversity of Houston. The design and colorful pattern represents a tapestry of cultures merging and overlapping to create other color combinations. The blank space symbolises the ever-welcoming attitude toward new visitors, residents and communities of the Bayou City.

A BIG thank you goes to Younan Properties, Inc. for allowing us to utilize the windows of the property at 1111 Main.

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Steffany Brady
is an Experiential Graphic Designer. Steffany is a Native Colombian now residing and working in Dallas, TX. Her signature geometric style is composed of solid painted fields juxtaposed against more fluid paint swashes. Larger shapes are deconstructed via overlapping with color, creating playful and vibrant compositions. Steffany’s work is derived from her background as a graphic designer, with her Colombian background inspiring her choice of colors. In 2014 she started her artistic career with her first series “Nature of Geometry” which was grounded in the concept of biophilia, drawing inspiration from water, earth, and the result of the two; plant life. Steffany is currently developing her fifth art series called "Singularities" where she continues to play with geometric shapes, deconstructing them with various waves of colors and movement. Steffany also creates murals under Blauhaus, a design-build studio founded in 2014 by Steffany and her husband offering a number of design services including furniture, murals, graphic design, architecture, and home goods.

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