Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

1201 Fannin
Houston, TX 77002
District: Shopping

That's a good question. Who is ? Well, Pete is many things. Pete is the piano players. Pete is the doorstaff, waitstaff, and bartenders. Pete is Austin's hardwood floors. Pete is the energy bristling in each of our locations. But most importantly, Pete is you. Yeah, you. At Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, you are the entertainment. It's your singing and laughing and clapping and dancing that causes that infectious excitement inside everyone each night, and keeps you coming back time and again for more celebration. That is .

 Dueling Piano Bar is known for singing loud and proud across the great state of Texas. What you may not know is that at its inception in 1992, it wasn't dueling at all. It began on Austin's historic 6th Street as a one man show, spearheaded by Steve Green, and it went by the name of Pete's Peanut Bar & Piano Emporium. The show's popularity helped the bar grow for 6 strong years, at which point us Texans decided we needed a duel!


Wednesday-Saturday: 7 pm-2 am 
Showtime @ 8 pm

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