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Downtown Magazine
Current Issue
Summer 2021

The streets of Downtown are starting to reflect a return to normal. We’re seeing more foot traffic, businesses are opening up, and events are starting to fill our calendars once again. It’s been a long road, and we see a bright future ahead filled with lots of big hugs and festive celebrations.

This summer we encourage you to come on back and see everything Downtown has to offer. Classic film festivals, bingo in the park, live music, sports—they are all waiting for you. Start planning your summer fun days with our feature beginning on page 3 and our datebook on page 46.

Plate is also back starting on page 35 to help you enjoy Downtown dining again. You’ll find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars ready to serve up both your old favorites and any number of new culinary twists. Check out lunch or dinner on one of Main Street’s spacious new patios or feel free to imbibe your favorite cocktail inside a sleek new space—totally your call!

One of the things we’re most excited to share in this issue is Houston’s emergence as a tech hub. Axios recently reported that Houston has seen a strong influx of tech workers over the past year—despite the pandemic. According to data from LinkedIn, Houston was second only to Miami in the number of software and IT workers moving in. As Axios noted, “Young engineers and recent college graduates see Miami, Houston, and Philadelphia—not San Francisco, New York or Seattle—as the hot new places to jumpstart a technology or creative economy career.” We, of course, agree and would like to introduce you to just a few of those tech innovators starting on page 20.

We know last year was rough, and our thoughts are always with those who have suffered losses. We also know that as Houstonians we pull each other up in times of crisis. We’re so proud of how our Downtown community has done just that. To all of you we say “Welcome home!”

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Downtown is a quarterly publication produced by the Downtown District. Our publication is part city magazine, part guide. You'll find interesting and topical editorials and profiles as well as a comprehensive dining guide and datebook sharing info on what to do and where to go downtown.
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