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Downtown Magazine
Current Issue
Summer 2018

Downtown’s long-awaited shift into a truly livable neighborhood has happened. In the summer edition of Downtown Magazine, get the inside scoop on multiple pet-friendly parks, restaurants and hotels inside the inner loop (page 8); dive into Houston's first grocery store on wheels (page 10); learn about the multi-faceted and community-centric philosophy that informs our urban development (pg 15); and meet some of the tenants in one of the most desirable new business addresses in Downtown (pg 24). Plate, our rundown of restaurants, starts on page 46 and includes a fascinating feature on Treebeards—one of this city’s most beloved Downtown eateries. And don't forget to dive into our extensive calendar of events and activities this summer!

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Downtown is a quarterly publication produced by the Downtown District. Our publication is part city magazine, part guide. You'll find interesting and topical editorials and profiles as well as a comprehensive dining guide and datebook sharing info on what to do and where to go downtown.
If you're interested in advertising in Downtown Magazine, see our 2018 rate card.

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Angie Bertinot
Downtown District, Director of Marketing

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