Art Abounds
Photo: Morris Malakoff
Houston has a long tradition as being a place where artists of all stripes come to create and thrive. More and more, the city core is proving a place for artists to work and show off their creations. Check out these suggestions for must-see sculptures and installations.

Esperson Gallery

1201 Fannin
Located inside this art deco delight, the Esperson Gallery hosts a series of rotating exhibitions, featuring local, national and international artists working in a variety of media. Painting, drawing and sculpture rotate regularly through the gallery space, offering visitors a unique experience every time. Check the gallery’s website for upcoming exhibits and receptions.
Photo: Tina Blanco

Art Blocks

Main Street Square (900-1100 Blocks of Main St)
The showpiece of Main Street Square’s renovation, the 900-1100 blocks of Main St. come to life with various temporary art installations ranging from original static works on the Main Street Marquee to the whimsical Trumpet Flower which doubles as a shaded canopy, and the colorful video installations on view as part of the Sidewalk Cinema that literally has pedestrians stopping in their tracks. Take a stroll through this three block promenade and let your mind get carried away in the creativity on display!

Wings Over Water

1001 Avenida de las Americas
The area around the George R. Brown is no longer just a place to attend conventions. Recent renovations have transformed what is now dubbed as Avenida Houston into a destination for entertainment, food, community gatherings and a surprising amount of art! One of the most impressive pieces, Wings Over Water, is a massive kinetic sculpture that sits in the Fountain of the Americas at 30-feet high and 70-feet long. It is comprised of a massive set of wings made of stainless steel, aluminum and Stamisol fabric “feathers.” As the sculpture moves on its mechanic tumblers, it’s thoroughly mesmerizing, like watching a prehistoric bird float through the modern city.
Photo: Visit Houston

City Love

806 Main St (JW Marriott)
Murals abound in Downtown, with one of the most iconic being GONZO 247’s Houston is Inspired, running along the wall of Treebeard’s in Historic Market Square. But over on Main Street, on a side wall of the JW Marriott, muralist Michael C. Rodriguez offers a pop-art explosion celebrating travel. A plane, a globe, the Houston skyline and the front of the Marriott all share space in this wall art; at its center is an inquisitive woman, looking like she’s ready to explore the world.  

Arts Brookfield

1600 Smith
Brookfield manages properties all over the country, and the company makes a solid commitment to providing beautiful spaces for its tenants and visitors. The group manages the Total Plaza, where a revolving selection of art works is on display each month. Nature works, fashion pieces and other art is on display in locations across Allen Center, proving that art thrives across all media, and that work spaces can be places of beauty and curiosity as well.


1001 Austin St
The draw to MKT Bar, located inside Phoenicia Specialty Foods, is its array of beers and wines from around the world, as well as its excellent bar food. There’s more than that happening in the space, however, and savvy art lovers know to head there regularly, as an ever-changing series of artworks grace the walls. Showcasing local talent, they’re all for sale, allowing you to support the Houston art community.

Art Around Downtown

Wander the streets of Downtown, and you’ll come across any number of public art pieces. From the fountains along the Main Street METRO Red Line, to Italian sculptor Marcello Mascherini’s Dancer in front of Jones Hall, to the Seven Wonders sculptures by the Wortham Center, art is everywhere in the city core. There’s the Synchronicity of Color in Discovery Green, the mosaic tile benches in Market Square and the Lunar Footprint in Tranquility Park. These artworks – and hundreds more – help showcase the personality of Downtown. For a listing of many of the city core’s pieces, visit
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