Liongard: Station Houston Member
Photo: Katya Horner
“The biggest challenge we face, like most other start-ups, is prioritizing and focusing on the most important and beneficial activity at each stage of our businesses' growth,” says Joe Alapat, founder of Liongard, a cybersecurity firm that helps companies strengthen their technology safety. Alapat describes his company as one that helps clients simplify the management and protection of their IT, offering “deep inspection of cloud environments, applications and security.”

Protecting a company’s technology, he says, is no longer optional – it’s a vital component to modern business.

“The IT landscape in the last 15 years has quickly changed from traditional laptops and servers to data centers, apps, and security that run across cloud and on-premise environments,” he says. “We are always excited to hear feedback from potential customers indicating that we are solving a significant challenge that is progressively becoming even more significant with the continuing trend of cybersecurity incidents.”

Alapat and Liongard joined Station Houston in June 2016 and immediately gained access to a wealth of deep knowledge and committed fellow tech innovators. Alapat says membership was a “catalyst for us to speed through our start-up journey.”

In particular, he cites Station’s mentorship program, as well as having the opportunity to attend member events and learning sessions.

“[Station Houston gave us access to] mentors and advisors who have expertise in enterprise IT security and managed IT services,” he says. “[And] being in Houston and Texas in general is providing us with close access to a number of major, early stage customers in our target market.”

The level of access and interaction provided by Station Houston has helped Alapat and his business partner Vincent Tran not only develop how they want to grow their business but also gives them a strong community to be part of. He sees great things for the city’s technology and innovation Houston. He and Tran are both native Houstonians and Alapat says he’s proud to see the city as an emerging tech hub.

“We are personally very excited about the focus on technology and innovation in the city,” he says. “We're sensing a great deal of momentum and awareness that really shows us the level of pent-up demand in Houston for attention in this area. I'm optimistic that we'll look back on this time period as the beginning of something transformational in Houston for start-up culture, technology, and innovation”.
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