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A playful way of looking at time
Artist Emily Peacock’s film “You Take Your Time” offers her perspective of childhood toys.
Her ten-minute art film is included in “Color Play” as part of Aurora Picture Show’s Sidewalk Cinema, project managed by the Weingarten Art Group. The collection of contemporary video works is located in two windows of the Sakowitz garage at 1111 Main Street.
Q: Water toys: Where does your interest in this subject matter come from?
Emily Peacock: The water toys were mine as a child. I had them in my room, and I would time myself doing different tasks.. I just remember loving to time myself. But as a child you really have no sense of time and how things and people change over time.
Q: Your work explores time and memory: What are you trying to say?
Emily Peacock: My work comes from a personal place. In a short time, I have had some major life changes such as divorce, the loss of my mother, remarrying and now the birth of my son. I'm still trying to comprehend all of it and be a better person from it, but it’s hard.
One thing that helps is time. The toys are a playful way of looking at time.
Q: How do you feel about your work being displayed in a public setting?
Emily Peacock: I really enjoy my work being displayed in a public setting! I have always wanted to put my work in a more public setting like a in a bus or subway. I'm interested in what all people think about my work. And I like the idea of someone walking to work and seeing it and thinking about it.
Q: Explain the title?
Emily Peacock: The title actually comes from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ song "Tick," where Karen O. sings about someone taking their time. It's a strange song that has always stuck with me. She repeats the word tick so many times that it almost becomes annoying but instead it's just kind of awesome.
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