5 Spots for a Hot Chocolate Fix

Few things translate to instant happiness better than hot chocolate, and thankfully, Downtown delivers. For steamy cocoa and all the cozy feels, head to these places when the craving hits.

Bar Bardot, 1070 Dallas Street
The word on the street: there’s a boozy hot chocolate beverage at Bardot for a winter time treat. But you didn’t hear that from us.

Boomtown Coffee, 300 Main Street
It’s no surprise that this serious coffee spot is no slouch in the hot chocolate department. Oh, and if you fancy a nightcap of the adult variety? They can do an alcoholic version, too.

Brasserie du Parc, 1440 Lamar Street
Should you find yourself craving crepes at the authentic French brasserie, just say oui to the perfect complement: hot chocolate made with an in-house syrup. 

Niko Niko’s, 301 Milam Street
A drop of chocolatey goodness from this Greek staple will make you feel like a kid again. Whether you’re dining in or prefer a good cup to go, the blend of steamed milk and chocolate with homemade whipped cream on top is just the ticket.

Xochi, 1777 Walker Street
Why settle for a cup of cocoa when you can order Hugo Ortega’s Chocolate Caliente, a small pitcher of Oaxacan hot chocolate? It’s foamed tableside, serves two, and comes with churros. The process starts by roasting cacao beans imported from Mexico on a griddle called a comal, after which the roasty beans are ground. Vanilla, sugar and cinnamon are added before a second grind of the whole mixture into a thick paste that is dissolved into milk for a decadent, flavorful version of hot cocoa.

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