Articles - Downtown Houston 2018-06-06T13:00:00Z A Bold, Striking Addition to Art Blocks 2018-06-06T13:00:00Z <div> In February, the Houston Downtown Management District installed the latest featured artwork on the Main Street Marquee, a billboard-sized canvas affixed to the building face above the Main Street Market in Downtown Houston. &ldquo;Twins,&rdquo; a work by Houston-area artist Jasmine Zelaya,&nbsp;depicts a pair of female figures originally rendered in ...</div> Staff Writer Tree-Cle Down Economics 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z When New York real estate speculators John and Augustus Allen purchased the 6,642 acres on the banks of Buffalo Bayou just months after Texas won independence from Mexico in 1836, they certainly couldn&rsquo;t have imagined what their mosquito infested swampland would look like almost 200 years later. Treebeards ... Michael Dorsie A Sense of Place 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z There&rsquo;s been a quiet movement sweeping Downtown Houston, and in its wake are some of the city&rsquo;s most memorable and engaging spaces. It&rsquo;s called &ldquo;placemaking,&rdquo; and though it&rsquo;s still up for debate just exactly what that entails, there&rsquo;s no debate as to its success. <br /> <br /> <a href="">Discovery ...</a> Amber Ambrose Meet Houston Symphony's New CEO: John Mangum 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z After a long process of national searching, committee meetings, interviews and a small inconvenience named Harvey, Houston Symphony has finally found its new CEO. John Mangum comes to Houston with almost two decades experience in the classical music world &ndash; most recently as president and artistic director of the Philharmonic Society ... Chance to Dance 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z From introducing the basics of ballet to preparing students for an elite career on the world&#39;s most prestigious stages, Houston Ballet Academy offers young dancers the opportunity to learn from renowned performers, choreographers and artistic directors. And luckily for Houstonians, this institution firmly believes that everyone should have access ... Ryann Roussel Houston Grocery Store On Wheels 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z An act of service. A bounty of flavors. A sense of home and connection to community.<br /> <br /> That&rsquo;s what cooking should be.<br /> <br /> A meal is often preceded by maneuvering a crowded parking lot, braving a gauntlet of jousting carts, and participating in a hurried check-out transaction that removes meaningful interaction ... Lauren McDowell Past Meets Future 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z There&rsquo;s a buzz at 708 Main Street. It&rsquo;s not just the constant whoosh and whistle of the METRORail as it glides through Downtown. It&rsquo;s not just the click of heels on the pavement as Downtown office workers hurry to meetings, lunches or work. No, it&rsquo;s a ... Holly Beretto Dog Friendly Downtown 2018-06-01T13:00:00Z Worry no more about leaving your pooch behind and bring them out to play in Downtown&#39;s growing urban landscape! We&#39;ve created this handy list of dog-friendly spots inside the inner loop for you to keep in your back pocket.<br /> <br /> <strong>Four-Paw Accommodations</strong><br /> <br /> <strong><a href="">JW Marriot </a>| 806 Main</strong><br /> Next time you ... Staff Writer 5 Must-Try Burger Joints in Downtown Houston 2018-05-24T13:00:00Z Let&#39;s face it. We often crave them and sometimes need a burger in our life. The tender patties dripping with juice, oozing layers of cheese and overflowing toppings that more often than not fall out of the two perfectly toasted buns. The good news is that you don&#39;t ... Stefanie Pascacio Where to Brunch in Downtown This Mother’s Day 2018-05-07T13:00:00Z Moms: we love them, they&rsquo;re our number one fans, and life wouldn&rsquo;t be the same without them. If you&#39;ve already picked out the perfect flowers and made the annual homemade heartfelt card, the only thing left to do is to begin the special day with a tasty ... Staff Writer Astros Opening Day Fever 2018-03-28T13:00:00Z <div> <span style="font-size:11.0pt;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;;">The Astros 2018 Opening Day celebrations are right around the corner and if you&rsquo;re half as excited as we are, you&rsquo;ve either secured your tickets to the nearly SOLD OUT </span><a href=""><span style="font-size:11.0pt;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;;">opening game</span></a><span style="font-size:11.0pt;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;;"> or you&rsquo;re already making plans to watch it with your fellow die-hard fans. So tell ...</span></div> Nicole Capelo 10 Family-Friendly Activities in Downtown to Add to Your Spring Break Itinerary 2018-03-07T14:00:00Z <p> Don&#39;t let Spring Break pass you by, instead fill your days with plenty of excitement for both adults and kids alike inside the inner loop! Leave your worries behind and make your week off one to remember with these top 10 family-friendly activities in Downtown to add your agenda.&nbsp;</p> Staff Writer The Power of 10 2018-03-02T20:33:59Z Without a doubt, <a href="">Discovery Green</a> has set a new standard for parks in our city. It has become such a rich and vibrant part of Houston&rsquo;s culture that today it&rsquo;s difficult to imagine our city without its delights. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t think the founders ever had any idea ... Sandra Cook Main Street Reimagined 2018-03-01T14:00:00Z At the turn of the century, Downtown&rsquo;s Main Street was the most prestigious address in the city. But sadly, by the 90s it had deteriorated into a glorified bus corridor where the streets were deplorable, the pedestrian experience was non-existent, retail had fled, and abandoned buildings abound. Something needed ... A.J. Mistretta 11 Must-Hit Happy Hours in Downtown This Spring 2018-03-01T14:00:00Z Spring is here and that means enjoying the patio breeze and spectacular views that come with dining and drinking al fresco at Downtown&rsquo;s many restaurants and bars. And because there&rsquo;s nothing better than boozing on the cheap, we&rsquo;ve created this handy-dandy list of the best Downtown happy ... Stefanie Pascacio Q&A with Karin Rabe 2018-03-01T14:00:00Z <a href="">Alley Theatre</a> suffered some of the worst damage in the <a href="">Theater District</a> during Hurricane Harvey. The building took on more than 31 million pounds of water in the Neuhaus Theatre lobby and basement level, damaging more than 84,000 props and 60 years of Alley history. The Alley&rsquo;s properties ... Ryann Roussel Half a Year After Hurricane Harvey 2018-03-01T14:00:00Z Visitors to Houston may find it difficult to imagine the devastation in the city after Hurricane Harvey. It is tough to reconcile the images of catastrophic flooding with the seemingly operational buildings across Houston. But while the facades are recovering, there is a deeper damage that will take years to ... Ryann Roussel Top 20 Instagrammable Spots In Downtown Houston 2018-02-26T14:00:00Z Get ready to double tap your way through Downtown Houston! Downtown is a cultural hub for some of the best dining, hospitality, and arts... and the&nbsp;perfect&nbsp;place to raise your gram game! Regardless of whether you&#39;re a proud Downtown resident or visiting the Bayou City for the first ... Stefanie Pascacio Top Valentine’s Day Itineraries in Downtown Houston 2018-02-05T14:00:00Z Cupid&rsquo;s holiday is around the corner and we&rsquo;re helping you plan the perfect Valentine&rsquo;s Day itinerary with a guide to all things love, love, LOVE in the heart of Downtown.<br /> <br /> <strong>Find Something Special for Your Someone Special&nbsp;</strong><br /> <br /> While romantic gestures go a long way on any occasion ... Stefanie Pascacio Top Pizza Places in Downtown Houston 2018-02-05T14:00:00Z <p>Pizza is a wonderful thing. Kids love it, adults love it&hellip; Seriously, how many times have you come across someone who doesn&rsquo;t like pizza? It&rsquo;s one of few foods that is truly universal as many cultures around the world have adopted the popular dish and made it their ...</p> Nicole Capelo Top Ten Places to Ring in the New Year in Downtown 2017-12-20T14:00:00Z 2017 is coming to a close and let&rsquo;s face it, New Year&rsquo;s Eve is a hard night to plan. Skip the anxiety that comes with planning a house party and ring in 2018 in style at any of these end of year celebrations in the heart of Downtown ... Downtown District The Downtown of the Future is (Almost) Here 2017-12-01T14:00:00Z The recent rise of <a href="">Downtown Houston</a> is a tale of two Super Bowls. What could make a more memorable bookend for an amazing period of growth and change than the most-watched sporting event in the country? The 2004 game not only introduced the world to the phrase &ldquo;wardrobe malfunction,&rdquo; it ... Sarah Rufca Nielsen Craft Beer Cellar Taps Into the Heart of Downtown 2017-12-01T14:00:00Z Craft Beer Cellar (CBC) Houston has opened up shop in Downtown&rsquo;s <a href="">Historic District</a>, creating a contemporary 5,200-square-foot beer retail store, bar and restaurant all inside the historic <a href="">Bayou Lofts</a> building (formerly known as the 1910 Southern Pacific Railroad building). <br /> <br /> With 50 plus taps on deck including local favorites ... Stefanie Pascacio In His Court 2017-12-01T14:00:00Z They begin arriving early, nearly an hour before the event is scheduled to start, on what turns out to be the first crisp day of October. Reporters with notebooks in hand grab seats in the large, fluorescent-lit press pressroom on the third floor of <a href="">Toyota Center</a>. More than a dozen ... A.J. Mistretta Who is Dan Knechtges? 2017-12-01T14:00:00Z In August, <a href="">Theatre Under The Stars</a> welcomed the Tony-nominated director and choreographer as its new artistic director. <br /> <br /> <strong>You came to TUTS last year as a guest director of <em>How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying</em>. Did you have any idea then that you&rsquo;d be back so soon as ...</strong> Ryann Roussel