07.22.11 at 9:00 a.m.
Maura Hughes
Arrive Late Stay Late

It happens to me every year: a case of the mid-summer blues. It’s always after the Fourth of July and right around the time I start seeing back-to-school commercials that I become keenly aware that I am quickly running out of days for barbecues, river trips and weekend getaways. It’s a horrible affliction and I am greatly annoyed that I am not immune to it even though I don’t technically have summer vacations anymore and the Texas heat doesn’t simmer off in September.

However, Theater District Parking has a little remedy for my mid-summer blues at BayouPlace.

With great restaurants, live music venues and bars, it’s the perfect place for a nice summer night. And it just got better for night owls. Theater District Parking has introduced a new discounted late night parking rate. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., you can park in the Theater District underground garages behind and directly across from BayouPlace for only $2. Yes, in a city where parking is the bane of every fashionably late person’s existence, there is now a place with $2 late night parking. The "what to do tonight?" question just became a whole lot easier to answer.

So make the rest of your summer nights late nights downtown. And if you see a girl giving a full-blown speech on why Labor Day should be in late October, just give me a pat on the back and remind me that it’s only the middle of July.

And while we're talking downtown summer nights:

Where do you like to go out downtown?

And what are the best (or worst!) parking situations you've found yourself in downtown?



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