04.22.11 at 10:08 a.m.
Lauren McClendon
Call for Action

The Downtown District has heard many complaints regarding the effects of panhandling at sidewalk cafes, and now we have the start of a legislative process to pass stronger restrictions.  We ask that you help us get these new regulations approved by City Council.  

Sometime in the next week, please take 5 minutes to send an email or letter to Council Member James Rodriguez regarding the impact of panhandling at sidewalk cafes has had on your businesses or you as a customer.  Your personal story including your own experiences are preferred, it can be a simple email and does not need to be lengthy

Send your emails/letters to Council Member James G. Rodriguez by email 

or by US Mail:   

Council Member James G. Rodriguez
City Hall Annex 
900 Bagby, First Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Please copy Heather Hinzie, at or at the address below.  This will help the Downtown District follow up with the council member to promote and move forward these new panhandling regulations. 

Houston Downtown Management District
Attn: Retail Development
909 Fannin, Suite 1650
Houston, Texas 77010 

Thank you for your support of downtown!


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