07.28.11 at 9:20 a.m.
Angie Bertinot
Freetail Brewery Suspends Plans for Houston

Unfortunately, Scott Metzger with Freetail Brewery out of San Antonio announced yesterday that he is suspending his plans to open a second location in Houston.  He was unable to reach his fundraising goals; his entire build-out budget was approximately $4.2 million. 

The Downtown District took a very active role in recruiting and selling Freetail on Houston and downtown, so obviously, we are incredibly disappointed.  The property owner, who has been asked not to be named, did an amazing job working with Freetail and making them a fantastic deal!  With architectural plans and a lease structure already in place for the building and the desire for a brewpub to be downtown, the District hopes to work with the property owner on reaching out to other potential brewpubs.  Stay tuned!

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