06.07.10 at 11:30 a.m.
Peter Radowick
A Night on the Town

For years I had heard about the so-called stay-cation – “be a tourist in your hometown!” – but never really let the message take hold of me. Until now.

My lovely bride, Barbara, and I recently marked our six-month anniversary. Because of other commitments, we had only one night to mark the occasion.  Given the narrow window of opportunity, we discarded out-of-town options and chose the downtown option. Even though I work downtown five days a week, we chose the central business district as our romantic getaway. And we loved it.

We spent the Friday before Memorial Day kicking back at the Magnolia Hotel, making a side trip to the Houston Zoo, lazing by the pool, dining at Guadalajara del Centro, enjoying a free happy hour and a complimentary breakfast at our hotel, and generally being lazy.

The beauty about the stay-cation is there are few bags to pack, no airport hassles, no rental car nightmares, no long drives to endure, no relatives to barge in on, no pets to feed, no bills to fret over. There was nothing to spoil the mood before we could enjoy ourselves.

As I lolled poolside at the Magnolia, I looked up a nearby office tower under construction and noticed an iron-worker on the job 46 stories above the street. I remember thinking, “Why is he working today? Oh, yeah, it’s Friday … the rest of the world is working today.” That was a great feeling.

So, the next time you have some down time, consider downtown. It’s a great place to unwind.

Downtown Houston, Magnolia Hotel
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