04.01.11 at 3:05 p.m.
Peter Radowick
A Typical Weekend in Houston

Amid all the activity taking place this weekend, the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau wisely picked the absolute best weekend of the year to bring in prospective business clients. The entertainment options meant to impress our guests is impressive, if not exhausting.

More than 50 meeting planners arrive Friday night. On Saturday they will attend the two Final Four games at Reliant Park. On Sunday morning, the group will be entertained at the Shell Houston Open golf tournament. On Sunday night, they will have options: a Rockets game at Toyota Center or a John Cougar Mellencamp concert at Jones Hall. On Monday, they can play golf at the site of Shell Houston Open or they can inspect Houston’s meeting facilities and hotels. That night, of course, they will attend the NCAA championship game. In between, there are various meetings and receptions.

Tuesday, presumably, they will all sleep very well.

Just a typical weekend in the big city!

GRB, GRBCC, George R. Brown
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