Doing Business

The Basics. The Doing Business section of this webportal contains a wealth of information for anyone that does business or is interested in doing business in downtown Houston. It includes some of the most requested documents and maps.

Putting together a marketing package on Downtown? You'll find an abundance of information throughout our website, but we know busy professionals like you may not have the time to browse. Therefore, we've assembled some of our most requested documents here for you. For an overview of the Downtown market, we have our Downtown At A Glance 2016, our 1Q17 Market Update and a one-page graphic brochure titled Why Downtown? For an update on the multiple development projects going on downtown, we have a Downtown Development Map with Development Renderings and a list of current and past development projects by year. Other frequently requested maps include our Hotel Map, Residential Properties Map, Ingress/Egress Map and Block Map. See also our Major Relocations to Downtown and our boundary map.