Top Instagramable Spots In Downtown Houston
Photo: Morris Malakoff

Get ready to double-tap your way through Downtown Houston! Downtown is the heart of our city, chock full of food, art, the generally unexpected AND the perfect place to raise your ‘Gram game! Don't know where to start? We've rounded up these 17 Instagramable hot spots to help you get all the digital love. 


Planters & Stems

1000 Main St.

This whimsical maze by artist Floyd Newsum goes by “Peanuts” for the little ones, and it will delight all audiences—IRL and digital. Fun for all ages and a great spot for…well, is video-op a word?

Photo: @malenurrr

Monument Au Fantome

1500 McKinney St.

French for “Imagination City,” Jean Dubuffet's boldly graphic Monument Au Fantome makes a statement on the southeast corner of Discovery Green. Bonus: A little Français in your caption will make you feel as fancy as your upgraded iPhone camera.

Photo: @lebo143

Produce Row

Corner of Main and Commerce

Lookin’ mighty bright and fresh, Downtown’s newest mural is our new favorite backdrop. The vibrant fruits and veggies are a tribute to Houston’s early days, when Commerce Street was THE PLACE in the 1890s for, you guessed it, commerce.

Photo: @thefatcaphouston

Personage and Birds

600 Travis St.

A beloved Downtown standard, Joan Miró’s bright and colorful –surrealist sculpture watches over the JP Morgan Chase Tower—if it had eyes. Or maybe it does. That’s surrealism for you.

Photo: @ivon_717

Sky Dance

1415 Louisiana St.

Give your likes a leap by adding Houston's largest mural to your feed. The color-rich Sky Dance showcases three of Houston Ballet's dancers. Good luck fitting it all in one frame.

Photo: @jf_houstontx

Texas Shaped Lazy River

1777 Walker St.

You may need to book a room at the Marriott Marquis to get access to the pool, but the hashtags say it’s worth it! The Texas-shaped lazy river is unique to Downtown—and will give your friends SO much Insta-envy. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Photo: @mpbusch

Downtown Aquarium's Diving Bell Ferris Wheel

410 Bagby St.

While it’s cool to drive past the Downtown Aquarium’s Diving Bell, it’s even cooler to snap a skyline pic from your seat on the Ferris wheel 100 feet up. No amount of zoom will get you that shot, but it’s just one ticket to ride.

Photo: @bryanmalloch

Bovine & Barley's HTX Wall

416 Main St.

Bovine and Barley's H-T-X wall is lit. (See what we did there?) Get a little city pride going on with your artsy silhouette selfie.

Photo: @themedicalmommas

Main Street Square

1000 Main St.

Main Street Square is Downtown’s thriving pedestrian plaza, and it’s rich with Insta-moments. There’s something about capturing the jumping jet fountain in action that will give you all the feels. Hello, action mode.

Photo: @adamkylejackson

Houston Is Inspired Mural

313 Travis St.

The iconic Houston Is Inspired mural by local graffiti artist GONZO247 is an homage to H-town’s eclectic culinary and art scene. It’s a favorite for tourists and locals alike en route to Market Square Park or Treebeards.

Photo: @jvincephoto

Wings Over Water

1767 Avenida De Las Americas

This 30-foot-tall lighted, kinetic sculpture in Avenida Houston is one of the most sought-out photography destinations in the inner loop. While the fountain shoots well any time of day, the sculpture’s good side shows up at night. Almost guaranteed to get you more likes than that photo of your aunt’s corgi.

Photo: @viennalabeef

Synchronicity of Color

1500 McKinney St.

The only time it’s okay to post a pixelated photo: Discovery Green’s Synchronicity of Color. The iconic color block installations sit on the northwest and southeast corners of the park and are the brainchild of Texas artist Margo Sawyer.

Photo: @jessabite

Buffalo Bayou Park (Downtown Skyline shot from Sabine Bridge)

1800 Allen Pkwy & Memorial Drive

Buffalo Bayou Park has more Insta-worthy spots than we can keep track of, but the Sabine Bridge overlook of Downtown’s skyline is our favorite. Who needs filters with this much beauty? 

Photo: @kianofthefall

Sam Houston Park

1000 Bagby St.

Whether you’re into Houston history or modern monuments, you can find both at Sam Houston Park. The landmark is home to nine historic homes (including Art Blocks project Open House) and Downtown’s only interactive historic museum The Heritage Society.

Photo: @liz.harvey_

Main St. Marquee

900 Main St. 

Sam Houston Style is a giant portrait of our city’s wearing contemporary sunglasses. The work of Houstorian founder James Glassman, the tribute looms large over the Main Street Marquee, making it an easy shot from the other side of the train.

Photo: @crushcityculture

They Can't Keep All of Her Quiet Mural

1014 Prairie

It's all about the details over in the Historic District, particularly when it comes to local artist, Jessica Rice's newest mural, They Can't Keep All of Her Quiet. A delightful relic of the HUE Mural Festival, this bewitching background graces the wall next to Conservatory

Photo: @gyndok

Minute Maid Park

501 Crawford St.

There are one, two, three reasons why we love  Minute Maid Park. It's home to our World Series Champs the Houston Astros, you can say "I do" at home plate (talk about a photo op!) and they’ll even let you rent the historic Union Station Lobby for your next formal shindig. We lied—there are way more than three. But Instagram doesn’t limit caption length, so you can tell us ALL of yours.

Photo: @skatestevie
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